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Jan Berg

23 April – 24 May 2013
Field Lines
Doilies and camouflage designs are my stencil templates. I begin by mapping out in pencil an airy skeleton; a blueprint resembling a geographical map to be filled with a language of tiny coloured circles. It is an uncertain language, sensitive to the vagaries of a time consuming, handmade process.
Field [...]

LINE (drawing)

LINE (drawing)
15 DECEMBER 2009 – 22 JANUARY 2010
Starlie Geikie, Nathan Gray, Christopher LG Hill, Angela Leech, Brandt McCook, Annee Miron,  Claire Mooney, Michael Peck, Vin Ryan, Elissa Sadgrove, Lynette Smith, Elke Varga, Irene Wellm & Stephen Wickham.
Curated by Martina Copley, LINE (drawing) allows for playfulness and experimentation.  Each artist was sent a card marked with [...]