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Artists wishing to submit proposals for the 2014 exhibition program, please contact



There are no restrictions in terms of material or theme – and experimental and innovative conceptual approaches to the site are sought. The area above the mailboxes may also be used.

Please send a disc of images of the work you intend exhibiting (or email low res images), along with a short text about your practice, exhibition title and description of mediums used. Artist Cv’s would also be appreciated. And let us know what month you would be interested in showing.

MAILBOX 141 provides a line listing in Gallery Guide, creates an email invitation and promotes exhibitions online to all local arts print media. MAILBOX 141 offers a small exhibition fee to independent exhibiting artists.

ARTISTS are responsible for all costs associated with the making and installation of the work and also for providing signage for their exhibition cases. The artist should install and de-install the work making sure that the mailboxes are left in good condition ready for the next exhibitor.

Any enquiries regarding the sale of exhibited art work are directed to the artist and no commission is taken by MAILBOX 141.


There are nineteen boxes measuring 46 x 286 x 14cm.

Seventeen of the boxes each measure 23 x 12.5 x 12cm &  the two boxes near the foyer entrance each measure 20 x 12 x 12cm (dimensions are approximate as each box varies slightly.)

All boxes have glass fronts and LED lights.

Security – Each case is locked with a key. The foyer is open Mon/Fri 8am-6pm Sat 1oam-5pm. Entry outside these hours only by access card.

Louise Blyton, Kobald Cave, view, 2009

Louise Blyton, Kobald Cave (detail) 2009.

Catherine Clover, Pigeon Post, (view) 2010

Grace McKellar, Birds, Bison & Big Houses (deatil) 2011.