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Sally McRae, Junkitecture 4 2006


Sally McRae

17 October 2006 – 16 February 2007

Junkitecture explores the 18th century creation of the diorama through the use of supermarket and realestate junkmail. Tiny pop-up cities made from the refuse of modern day consumerism. As well as a primiordal urge, creating these dioramas evolved out of a need to not be a passive recipient of advertising. Each piece entices you with a realestate inspired catchphrase, look deeper and see that not all is quite right with the utopian lifestyle you are about to be sold. Shadows lurk behind the glossy exteriors, sinister reminders of a superficial existence. Dazzling you with modern surfaces, contemporary interiors and views that inspire all set in tiny barren lifeless landscapes.   Sally McRae 2006.