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9 MARCH – 16 APRIL 2010

“I waken out of this forgetfulness very quickly.  In great haste, I reconstitute a memory, a confusion.  A (classic) word comes from the body, which expresses the emotion of absence: to sigh: “to sigh for the bodily presence”: the two halves of the androgyne sigh for each other, as if each breath, being incomplete, sought to mingle with the other: the image of the embrace, in that it melts the two images into a single one: in amorous absence, I am, sadly, an unglued image that dries, yellows, shrivels.

(But isn’t desire always the same, whether the object is present or absent?  Isn’t the object always absent? – This isn’t the same languor:  there are two words: Pothos, desire for the absent being, and Himeros, the more burning desire for the present being.)”

Roland Barthes, A Lover’s Discourse