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Carolyn Fraser, Envelope, 2009, letterpress on paper


letterpress on paper


A man trains his binoculars on his mailbox, waiting for that day’s delivery. A woman holds an envelope up to the light, but is thwarted by a security lining. In Niagara Falls, a visitor drops postcards into a box, only to realise at the moment of hollow thud that the box is unmoored, disused, surplus to modern day needs. Once ubiquitous, now almost gone the way of pneumatic tubes and carrier pigeons.

This work is a homage to the mail system and the fragility of that which we entrust to it. The work, collected together, forms a book entitled ‘Envelope.’ Each piece is printed letterpress from hand-set metal type and magnesium plates on mouldmade Somerset Velvet paper. The typeface is Monotype Van Dijck. The images are sourced from the artist’s collection of personal mail, received 1994-2009.     Carolyn Fraser 2009

Carolyn Fraser is a Melbourne-based writer and letterpress printer.
In 2005, after eleven years in the US, she shipped a 20ft. container of letterpress equipment to Melbourne and re-established Idlewild Press. Her fine press books are in national and international collections, including the State Library of Victoria, the New York Public Library, Yale University and the Library of Congress. She writes a blog under the nom de plume girlprinter.