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GREG FULLERTON (Australia) & HUGINN Þór ARASON (Iceland)

Greg Fullerton and Huginn Þór Arason , 2009


Huginn Þór Arason (Iceland) & Greg Fullerton (Australia)


in association with THE NARROWS

The increasing proliferation of hot air balloons seen in the early morning skies over the inner city suburban landscapes of Melbourne and Piero Manzoni’s 1960 iconic work Fiato d’Artista (Artist Breath) are the  reference points for a dialogue of communication between Huginn Þór Arason (Iceland) and Greg Fullerton (Australia). This collaboration reflects on notions of travel, flight, distance, memory and dream like states.

A part performance/event/action will take place on SATURDAY 19 SEPTEMBER  between 1.30-3PM
at 141 Flinders Lane.

An extension of this work can be viewed in the laneway in Oliver lane by way of a number of colourful flags that spell BREATHE in international distress code.
Also two complimentary posters are available from The Narrows.