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Framed, 2008, detail, installation of Type C photographs
Framed (a mystery)


26 FEBRUARY – 22 APRIL 2008

Rachel Ang is a young Melbourne artist currently studying at the Victorian College of the Arts.

Essentially interested in how frames, by necessity, omit things as well as show them, her work FRAMED, plays with the multiple meanings of the frame – as a viewfinder, a picture frame, the 25 frames a second of film, and in crime; the act of framing someone. Frames contextualize and narrate, acting as an index of what should be viewed; and at the same time, frames act as a boundary that prevents the image within from ‘leaking out’ and lapsing into everything else – frames stave off instability and formlessness. In the mailboxes, eighteen slides record a clandestine split-second act, but what has happened, and what are the consequences? What is hidden and what is exposed? FRAMED explores the relations of time to film, film to façade, façade to reality.