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Telia Nevile

6 August – 6 September 2013

Armchair Traveller

Armchair Traveler focuses on the potential that images on postcards and travel posters hold as neutral environments we can project ourselves into.  They promise adventure and incite exciting daydreams that momentarily eclipse reality. They offer us the chance to travel in our imaginations, even as our bodies remain stationary, and these travels can happen not only across continents but also across centuries.  Did you ever want to visit the Egypt of the 1920s?  How about 1960s Italy? I did. I do. And photographic technology means I can.

Telia Nevile, 2013.

Salonica, 2010, & Entrance Drive, Warwick Castle, 2010, Inkjet Prints,each 14 x 9cm.

No matter how ubiquitous it becomes, photography still seems entirely magical to me and I’m constantly trying to see behind the curtain to figure out how the trick works. My work focuses on photography’s inexplicable ability to capture, create, replace and fabricate memories. If, as Barthes suggests, photography actually replaces our genuine memories with ‘counter memories’, then the possibilities become infinite, and the lines between what’s real and what’s fictional become even blurrier.

Photography Performance:

2013 Craft Cubed Festival