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Myfanwy Alderson

28 May – 28 June 2013


opening drinks Saturday 1 June, 4pm

The convergence of music with digital processing had its genesis in the early 1900s with the invention of the player piano, aka pianola. The binary perforated music rolls directly influenced development of early computer punch card technology, leading to the proliferation of computers in our surging digital age. On A Roll explores this connection with a series of 2D images and 3D forms made from pianola rolls, computer punchcards and copper wire. The copper wire is used metaphorically for its significant role in telecommunications and mass transmission of information. The mass production and distribution that pianola technology spearheaded is contradicted here with a collection of one-off works for inoperative mailboxes.

Myfanwy Alderson is a contemporary musician and visual artist. She has performed nationally and internationally with the likes of Chamber Made Opera, Improv Melbourne, dancers Alice Cummins and Janette Hoe, and with her trio Daquqi. Recent solo exhibitions include Three Thousand Holes in October 2012 and One_To__Zero___ in January 2013. In 2011 and 2012 Myfanwy participated in the Solo Residency artists program at Victoria University, and is currently completing a Bachelor of Creative Arts Industries at Victoria University.

review by Penny Modra