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Fashion, 2007, Lambda print on Lustre Kodak paper


slogan graffiti images from around the world by

30 October – 14 December 2007

Daniel Kaplon explores the concept of love, hate and philosophy in his photographic images of graffiti. The themes will be explored and displayed in two week intervals.  Graphic images associated with graffiti will be broken down and displayed in the catagories of love, followed by hate, and Kaplon will conclude the exhibition with imagery and ideas associated with philosopy, and the attitudes and ideals of this modern era.

‘The idea of capturing slogan type graffiti lays in the premise of recording at a point in time the history behind the statement. It is a barometer of the mood of the people or the city. The limited timeframe that graffiti can be displayed due to the elements or organised removal creates a time capsule that can be traced back and used as a social indicator of a person, place, time or event. The blank wall presents a canvas to describe your thoughts and make a statement. You are able to be heard and reach out to the community. Your opinion is for all to see, giving you a mouthpiece that would otherwise be unavailable to you.  There is a passion behind the statement, a need to be heard. It can be a person’s only means of communicating how and what they feel. So strong is this feeling that they break the law to be heard.’