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Debbie Hill

2 July – 2 August 2013

what we carry with us

The works for this exhibition are borne from a number of months spent as artist in residence in Tasmania, the Czech Republic and Canada since mid 2011.

The works are a reflection of what I have seen and experienced whilst working at home and in other countries and comment on the environmental effects that appear to be occurring by man’s seemingly relentless lust to develop at any cost.

Utilising photographs taken during the residencies of gargoyles, grotesques, votives and other religious iconography alongside my research into the flora and fauna of those countries, I have created a series of double votives which illustrate species that are either extinct or listed on the IUCN red list as critically endangered. I have deliberately chosen not to work with the poster boys/girls on this list; in these works you will spend time with snails, bugs, spiders and fish each placed alongside a figure that represents -for me- all of us.

Image: What we carry with us – box series #1, graphite and carbon on drafting film mounted on board.