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LEMMINGS 2007 Cardboard, sand, plastic, hydrocryl,  15 mazes, dimensions various.


Daniel Dorall
26 June – 24 August 2007

Drawing on his skills as an architect, Daniel Dorall continues his exploration of urban and social agendas in a narrative series of ‘flat’ mazes.

My current art practice is informed by my fascination with the formal properties and possibilities of creating miniature maze-like constructions. This fascination stems from my background training in architecture. I have always thought that the best buildings were not only functional, but resonate on an emotional level through their spatial registers. Although the maze may refer to certain historical/cultural conception of a tour puzzle, my interest lies in employing the maze as the conceptual medium of my artwork. What this means is that the maze represents a constructed space stripped of its functional value. It is in this space that the figures in my work seek some form of resolution. The theme of my work therefore suggests self-exploration, memory, mythical/historical enactments, allowing various layers of human dramas, foibles and strength, comedy and pathos, to take place.   Daniell Doral 2007.