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Owen Hammond

The Wonderful House

1 November – 2 December 2011



I am fascinated with the places in which people live, the shelter they have made for themselves and where they have made it.
I am curious about the circumstances that have dictated their choices, whether it is political, environmental, traditional or accidental.
The construction of the place can be myriad, from leaves to concrete, from cars to crashed aeroplanes. They can be made with love or with madness.
I am intrigued with how people live within their houses. They are full of a multitude of feelings, connections, histories and memories. The material “stuff” contained within can be minimal, functional, wasteful or inseparable from their psyche.
I love to explore the relationship a person has with their house and the larger relationship of that house with the world around it.

Images L-R: Rick’s House, Newton’s House, Cave, 2011. Photography by Rae & Bennett.

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One Comment

  1. Joel Preston
    05/11/2011 at 11:36 am

    What a wonderful expression of a powerful yet under-appreciated facet of humanity. It is indeed intriguing how closely our homes represent our values, personalities and even our existence. Thank you Owen for this truly fascinating perspective of ourselves.