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NOW Sally Tape & Candice Cranmer

 Sally Tape & Candice Cranmer, I steal from work and I steal from You Tube, 2011

I steal from work and I steal from You Tube

NOW Sally Tape & Candice Cranmer

5 APRIL – 6 MAY 2011
OPENING Tuesday 5 April 5.30pm

NOW is the collaborative practice of Sally Tape and Candice Cranmer.
In the unique Mailbox space, they present a collection of collage and photographs. The artists perceive the space as an apparatus by which to explore and invite voyeuristic pleasure. Tape’s images take the appearance of venetian blinds, allowing partial glimpses. They are composed abstractly using the remnant strips found in the photo-printing machinery of a workplace.

Cranmer’s are directly taken from ‘the funniest falls ever (I think)’, a You Tube collection. Whilst Tape collects, archives and reflects on memory relative to the ‘now’ point in time, Cranmer investigates fulfilled expectation and anticipation. This extends her research into the futile and voyeuristic pleasure of watching people’s slapstick failings on You Tube.