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Sarina Lirosi

20 November 2012 – 4 January 2013

At the pre-burial “viewing”, the bereaved are often confronted with the sight of their loved one in an artificially beautified state of what appears to be perpetual preservation. Artificial flowers, found in abundance in our cemeteries, ironically appear to be in a similar kind of suspended animation. Many of [...]

Robyn Phelan

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Milestones for Two Centuries of Women Climbers, 2012
An installation of ceramic sculpture.

Hidden in the rare books collection in the State Library of Melbourne is a collection of 800 books on mountaineering. These books primarily record the domination of mountain peaks by males. However the collection also reveals [...]

Stefanie Carnevale

11 September – 12 October 2012

Curio 1, oil on canvas board, 10.5 x 22.5cm.
Stefanie Carnevale’s work explores themes of human existence  – birth, growth, emotionality, aspiration, conflict, ageing and mortality. Her work has been exhibited throughout Australia and overseas, including Monash University (Melbourne), Linden Gallery (Melbourne), The State Library of Tasmania (Hobart), and the University of [...]

Camila Galaz

Whichever way is fine
7 August – 7 September 2012
In Whichever way is fine, Camila Galaz explores the premise that aesthetic and painterly space may be used to express states of anxiety experienced by an individual in both the public and private domain. Whichever way is fine incorporates static and moving elements and a restrained use [...]

Sarina Noordhuis

How to make a meadow
3 July – 3 August 2012
Shall I tell you a story?
The meadow in a quiet winter, so cold, bristling with grass stalks, criss-crossed by relentless ants and purposeful joggers, looped with tattered spiderwebs and lined with roosting birds, the meadow dreams about the spring.
And as September draws closer and the skies [...]

Merryn J Trevethan

Merryn J Trevethan
downgrade ignites global sell off…
29 May – 29 June 2012

“The skyscrapers were beautiful. They did not seem like mere corporate shells. They were monuments to the arrogant yet philanthropic spirit of America.”  Patti Smith, Just Kids.
These  new works are borne out of weeks spent in and around New York, absorbing the city’s visual [...]

Bettina Hamilton

24 April – 25 May
Chrestomathy is a series of composite digital images made up of heroic and majestic landscape photographs and staged portraits from the early 20th century.
Much of the history of photography has been made up of images that serve as a trophy or treasure – something to bring back from where you’ve [...]

Lizzy Sampson

Lizzy Sampson
Innovation Project (Face Value)
20 March – 20 April 2012
Innovation Project (Face Value) is an investigative exercise that stems from the opposition of two bank notes – the Zimbabwean One Hundred Trillion Dollar note and the Indian zero rupee note.
Through a range of scenarios, the artist aims to open up dialogue that acts as an [...]

Johanna Leech

14 FEBRUARY – 16 MARCH 2012
A kangaroo drying his paws, a pelican statue, pap, a naked nymph, mix and match meat packs, UFOs, skylab, scrotum tobacco pouch, sexy celery, creepy ornaments, weird logos, puppies in windows, teeth grotto, pies, sexy lager, urinating manikins, found hen, interference mitts, big things, old tom, [...]

Michael Brady

10 January – 10 February 2012
A series of embellished photographs of ornamental cats that inhabit a kitsch and colourful suburban feline fantasy world. Inspired by the magical home of Phyllis Chambers (1930-2010), Pussyland celebrates the life of an eccentric Cat Lady and dearly departed friend.
Part of the 2012 Midsumma Festival Program.