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mailbox artspace

mailbox artspace
now co-ordinated by Danielle Hakim and Estelle Jouannou

Samantha Heriz

7 January – 7 February 2014
Some Words and Images
This series displays image and text to confound. Obscure non-sensical pairings are produced as preposterous greeting cards to comment on meaning and meaninglessness.
Samantha J Heriz’ practice seeks to express the overlooked in our fast paced society, highlighting quiet internal states of mind, meaning and meaninglessness, through [...]

Elizabeth Pedler

LAUNCH and WALK Tuesday 15 October 5.30pm
Come to the launch and drinks this Tuesday 15 October for Elizabeth Pedler’s The Walking Project.
Meet the artist at 5.30pm at Mailbox 141; take a walk, then meet up afterwards at Gogo bar (next to ChinChin), 125 Flinders Lane, from 6 or 6.30pm.
All welcome.

The Walking Project
15 October – 15 [...]

Gary Anderson

10 September – 11 October 2013
Value Propositions
A performance by altered 1cent US coins

Gary Anderson, performative object #1 2013.
Gary Anderson works in the uneasy space between experience and interpretation using performative objects to probe the generative potentialities of paratactic oppositions, meta-temporal latencies and alteration of fragile, found or transient materials. For Mailbox this year he creates [...]

Telia Nevile

6 August – 6 September 2013
Armchair Traveller
Armchair Traveler focuses on the potential that images on postcards and travel posters hold as neutral environments we can project ourselves into.  They promise adventure and incite exciting daydreams that momentarily eclipse reality. They offer us the chance to travel in our imaginations, even as our bodies remain stationary, [...]

Debbie Hill

2 July – 2 August 2013
what we carry with us

The works for this exhibition are borne from a number of months spent as artist in residence in Tasmania, the Czech Republic and Canada since mid 2011.
The works are a reflection of what I have seen and experienced whilst working at home and in other countries [...]

Myfanwy Alderson

28 May – 28 June 2013
opening drinks Saturday 1 June, 4pm

The convergence of music with digital processing had its genesis in the early 1900s with the invention of the player piano, aka pianola. The binary perforated music rolls directly influenced development of early computer punch card technology, leading to the proliferation of computers in our surging digital [...]

Jan Berg

23 April – 24 May 2013
Field Lines
Doilies and camouflage designs are my stencil templates. I begin by mapping out in pencil an airy skeleton; a blueprint resembling a geographical map to be filled with a language of tiny coloured circles. It is an uncertain language, sensitive to the vagaries of a time consuming, handmade process.
Field [...]

Alison Alexander

19 March – 20 April 2013
A Temporary Museum of Permanent Objects: including pieces from both a Foreign Excursion and a Quondam Collection.
Opening drinks on Sunday 17 March at 4pm with remarks by Harold Mitchell, erstwhile President of the Museums Board of Victoria
Closing Drinks Tuesday 16 April at 6pm with the artist.

Sue-Ching Lacelles

12 February – 15 March 2013
Cabinet of Cities. Invisible Curiosities.

What do you get when you cross an invisible city with a cabinet of curiosities?
Well, a cabinet of cities and invisible curiosities, of course.
This exhibition combines the imagined world of Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities and the primitive visual representation of Albertus Seba’s Cabinet of Curiosities. The [...]